Craft & Art Felt Projects

Craft & Art Felt Projects

Arts & Crafts Felt Fabric Projects.


Felt fabric is a versatile material used for various arts and crafts projects. Fabric makes you feel good, but it's a hassle to deal with? If you're looking for a solution to your problem, the felt fabric is a perfect choice! Here are six easy felt fabric projects to get started:


1. Felt Valentine's Day Cards: Choose your favorite cardstock and patterned felt fabric to create personalized cards.

2. Felt Cloud Pillows: Soft, fluffy clouds made from felt will keep you cozy all winter.

3. Felt Pillows Make your pillowcases from felt fabric.

4. Felt Coasters: Keep your favorite drinks cold with these stylish coasters made from felt.

5. Fabric Wreath: This wreath is perfect for spring and can be used year-round!




Felt Flower Wreath:


This easy craft project is perfect for springtime! You will need: a wreath form, a hot glue gun, felt in various colors, scissors, and a wire cutter. First, cut out your felt flowers. I found this one particularly helpful: Once you have made your flowers, start by hot-gluing them to the wreath form in any pattern you like. I did a combination of single and double flowers. Once the flowers are in place, use the wire cutter to cut pieces of wire about 12" long. Twist them around the wreath form to create a hanger. And that's it! Your beautiful felt flower wreath is ready to hang!


Felt Pennant Banner:


Pennant banners have been around for centuries, used to show support for a team or country. They're typically made of felt and can be any color or design you want. You can buy them pre-made or create your own. Sports events, parades, and other events are great venues for showing your patriotism.


Felt Board:


Felt boards are an excellent way for young children to learn about shapes, colors, and letters. They can also be used to create simple stories. Felt boards can be made from scratch or purchased pre-made.


Felt Boxes


Felt boxes help store and organize yarn, string, or other items. They can also be used to create a fun craft project. Felt boxes come in various sizes and shapes to find the perfect one for your needs.


Felt Christmas Tree Ornament:


This ornament is made from felt. It is a simple design that can be made in any color. The ornament is about 3 inches wide and 6 inches high. You will need:


1) Felt fabric in your desired color

2) Scissors

3) Ruler

4) Pencil

5) Hot glue gun

6) Glue sticks

7) Holiday-themed ribbon (optional)

8) Needle and thread (optional)

9) Stuffing (optional, such as fiberfill or cotton balls).




When it comes to crafting, felt is a material that is often underestimated. This humble fabric can be used to create some fantastic projects. Felt is easy to work with, versatile, and relatively inexpensive. It can be used to make everything from simple pouches and bags to intricate dolls and ornaments. Best of all, felt is fairly forgiving, so even beginners can create beautiful pieces. If you are looking for a fun and creative crafting project, give felt a try!

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